Statutory Wills

Individuals who have lost mental capacity, due to an illness, sudden accident or other factors, may not have had an opportunity to make a Will. Unfortunately in these circumstances it is too late to do so by conventional means.

That said, an application can still be made direct to the Court of Protection for a ‘Statutory Will’ to be put in place.  In these circumstances a Judge can authorise the arrangement on behalf of the individual concerned.

Securing a Statutory Will can be a complicated process and OGR Stock Denton is available to advise clients on what is required.

Our team recognise that this is likely to be a difficult decision for both you and other members of the family. This is why our dedicated lawyers put such emphasis on a sensitive and professional approach, guiding you through the legal options available.

For further information on any aspect of Statutory Wills, please visit our contact us page.