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Disputes, whether they are commercial or personal, centred around business or probate, can reach a point where neither side is willing to give way. At OGR Stock Denton, our years of experience and expertise as dispute resolution solicitors mean that we can get to grips with even the toughest disputes. 

Our skilled negotiation teams can untangle problems and help you reach a conclusion that can prevent personal or business relationships from deteriorating.

We utilise a wealth of techniques to help our clients resolve their disputes, including commercial alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which is faster and less costly than taking your dispute through the courts.

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Guiding you through
Dispute Resolution

Guiding you through
Dispute Resolution

What is alternative dispute resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution or ADR is a way of tackling disputes without opting for litigation immediately. At OGR Stock Denton, we have a highly experienced team of mediators and negotiation professionals who can sit down with the two parties and help them break the deadlock. We look at all the evidence and information from both parties and evaluate the validity of the claims as well as the likely outcome. To do that, we call on our years of experience to give you a professional and unbiased opinion of the most probable result. 

Working with all relevant parties, we try to resolve the situation without needing court proceedings. However, sometimes even our experts cannot resolve a situation, and it will need to proceed to the courts. Our dispute resolution solicitors can lodge an application or claim with the courts and get the process moving to the next level, whether your claim is regarding debt recovery, professional negligence or personal injury.

Contact OGR today if you are in need of dispute resolution, we may be able to provide alternative solutions to your legal problems.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation deals with disputes between private individuals. These are usually straightforward to resolve through ADR. Typical civil litigation cases include:

  • Disputes between landlords and tenants, often regarding rental or leasing contracts. 
  • Insolvency, administration and debt recovery.
  • Clinical compensation and claims for medical mistreatment.
  • Professional negligence claims. The process may also include evidence from expert witnesses.
  • Accident and injury claims, including compensation for medical treatment, expenses, rehabilitation and lost earnings.
  • Employment issues.

Your dispute resolution solicitor will try to negotiate a resolution through ADR. If one cannot be reached, they’ll advise you on the next steps and support you throughout any future court proceedings with impartial legal advice.

Get in touch today if you would like to discuss civil disputes, or learn more about civil disputes.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes apply to business and trade issues. These can include:

  • Contract law, including damages for breach of contract.
  • Commercial disputes include non-payment or failure to provide goods or services that have been paid for.
  • Disputed partnership agreements.
  • Director and shareholder disputes.

Because commercial disputes are often more complex, litigation can be a more costly route, especially if expert witness testimony is required as part of the case. At OGR Stock Denton, we understand how difficult these issues can be to resolve, whether you’re an SME or a large business. 

We know you want a cost-effective and speedy resolution to any dispute to prevent it from impacting your business and profits. Your dispute resolution solicitor will provide clear, precise and impartial advice.

Alternative dispute resolution is a practical solution to dealing with high-value disputes that can prevent a situation from escalating. Our solicitors will work with you to minimise the cost of resolving a dispute and help you to protect your professional reputation. 

Contact us today if you have a commercial dispute and need support, or find out more about commercial litigation.

Support and advice

At OGR Stock Denton, our dispute resolution and civil litigation solicitors understand that legal proceedings can sometimes be stressful. That’s why we ensure our clients receive sympathetic treatment and complete information. In addition, we evaluate the strength of claims along with the likely outcome. There is also an opportunity to discuss funding options for the costs.

Next, we liaise with relevant parties and attempt to resolve the dispute before going to court. Nonetheless, suppose negotiation proves unfruitful or impossible and legal action is inevitable. In that event, our solicitors establish the grounds for the dispute and gather evidence. Next, we lodge your application or claim with the appropriate court office and serve the defendant with a copy.

For further information or initial advice, please call or contact us in confidence.

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“Winston was instrumental in allowing my business to reach a quick and concise conclusion with the third party regarding a dispute we had. Winston was always on hand to move the case forward, providing all the time I needed on short notice, which isn’t an easy task given that he has a high case load. He was happy to listen to all my points of view and was always reassuring and understanding, I found it very easy to work with him.

Furthermore, Winston capped the fee from the outset and when the matter took much longer to resolve, Winston assured me that he will help me complete the case at the capped amount. This on his part was very generous. Winston is very approachable and makes you feel like you are talking to a friend. He is also a pit-bull with your case, trying to chase a resolution in every manner possible as quickly as possible. I have recommended him to friends/family and would have no hesitation in recommending him to you.

Business to Business Dispute Resolution, Commercial Litigation
“I found it easy to contact you for any queries with regards to any email or calls I received, relating to my case. I was always advised by you over the phone, followed by an email and letter, which was very handy. Your services are highly recommended.”
Thank you for dealing with my claim , Dispute Resolution - Mediation
“ I would just like to say that my case was unique and very testing for all concerned, but as soon as Stephanie took over my case things moved forward quickly and seamlessly. Stephanie was very professional, knowledgable and more importantly a real pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for an outstanding service and will highly recommend you all A very satisfied customer.
Thank you so much for an outstanding service, Commercial Litigation
“We would like to to thank you personally for your perseverance with this matter, both myself and Kevin appreciate all you have done.”
We appreciate all you have done., Dispute Resolution - Mediation
“ I called you with a difficult situation and within 30 minutes you had addressed the main issue and very clinically identified what needed to be done. Your attention to detail and your work approach are of such a high standard that i have no doubt whatsoever that any client you deal with will only have good things to say. You are a true ambassador to your firm and your profession, with the care you show and advice you give. I would like to thank you again for the wonderful job you did at such short notice and i have no hesitation in using your services again and recommending your firm.”
Absolutely fantastic at your job., Dispute Resolution - Mediation
“ Thank you, and everyone that worked on this case, for your hard work and patience, and especially to you dealing with the last stage of negotiations, which was hard process. I am very thankful to Mr Silverman as I know his team/department took on this case and dealt with it accordingly. Please also send my gratitude to Mahsa Tavakol as I know she really helped out a lot over this three years. I am pleased with the outcome and success and hope that you are too.”
I am very thankful , Dispute Resolution - Mediation
“ I would like to thank you for the effort you made on my behalf in reaching this settlement. I am full of admiration as to how you tackled my case from beginning to end and of course I was delighted with the final outcome.”
Professional and friendly, Dispute Resolution - Mediation

Dispute Resolution Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages of alternative dispute resolution?


  • It’s fast – ADR is usually much quicker than litigation and can prevent delays in reaching a resolution.
  • It’s cheaper – The costs incurred in ADR are often significantly less than taking the matter through the courts
  • It’s flexible – You have the flexibility to control the proceedings rather than putting the final decision in the hands of an adjudicator or judge.
  • It’s less formal – ADR isn’t subject to court rules and allows a more relaxed approach to resolving the conflict. This can prevent escalation.
  • Everyone gets the chance to participate – from telling your side of the story to having control over the outcome. It’s a fairer, more open way of resolving a dispute.


  • There’s no guarantee that you’ll reach an agreement.
  • Any decision reached may not be binding and can be rejected by either party.
  • You cannot bring multi-party disputes to the table as ADR deals with disputes between two parties.
  • If it goes to court, the courts can override any decision reached in ADR, especially if there is a legal precedent.

What is digital dispute resolution?

A rapidly advancing digital world means that new rules and regulations need to be brought in to deal with digital disputes. These are disputes that arise out of digital technology, including crypto assets, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) and fintech applications.

Disputes that are not subject to automatic dispute resolution procedures can be submitted for arbitration in the same way as a non-digital dispute. You will need to appoint specialist arbitrators who have been trained in this area of ADR and who are appointed by the Society for Computers and Law.

What are the rules for digital dispute resolution?

In brief, the rules are:

  • A tribunal must attempt to determine the outcome of a dispute within 30 days
  • Claimants need only provide limited information at the start, and each respondent has three days to respond.
  • No party has the right to an oral hearing, and the dispute can be based on written submissions only
  • There is no right to appeal an award on a point of law
  • Disputes can be resolved by expert determination rather than arbitration.

Your digital dispute resolution solicitor can guide you through the rules in more depth.

What happens at a first hearing dispute resolution appointment?

These are usually relatively short and are designed to determine the fundamental issues of the dispute and for your legal team to work out the best way forward. An initial attempt at mediation between the two parties may be made. But if this is not successful, your legal team will arrange for another meeting at a later date.

If the appointment is in relation to a child agreement order, then as long as there is no concern about the child’s welfare, the court will not make a final decision at the first appointment and will ask all parties to prepare for a final hearing at a later date.

How do courts resolve disputes?

Courts resolve disputes either through litigation or mediation. Before a dispute goes to court, there must have been some attempt to resolve the situation by mediation beforehand.

Are courts the best forum for resolving disputes?

Arbitration and ADR are far more time and cost-effective methods of resolving disputes for both commercial businesses and private individuals. It can be faster and cheaper, with the potential to resolve a situation using the expertise of professionally trained dispute resolution solicitors and mediators.

Should you use a solicitor to resolve a dispute?

It is always best to ensure you have professional legal advice when resolving a dispute to avoid unnecessary costs or delays. This is particularly important if the dispute involves contracts or financial agreements. For family disputes, a trained family law solicitor can help you work through the problem effectively and fairly, especially where the welfare of a child or children is involved.

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“A big thank you to Susan Bernstein for her help and support during my redundancy process, you made the legal part stress free and easy to follow. I fully trust your work and will recommend your services in the future.” – Meital

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Winston Kan of OGR Stock Denton LLP for the outstanding work he did on my car accident case. He supported me and my family through the long and exhausting process. There were times when I was ready to give up but he patiently and supportively guided me all the way. All the best wishes from me and my family.” – Hana

“All round brilliant team at OGR. After being badly let down by another solicitor, Priti Shah sorted our parents’ probates quickly and efficiently. She is very knowledgeable and on the ball and structured things in such a way she saved us lots of money. We also had conveyancing done by Ben Menaham which was smooth and hassle free and overseen by Michael Stock. Thank you.” – Monica

“ We completed our home move in June, beating the Stamp Duty deadline by 4 days, and were extremely satisfied with the way the whole selling and buying process was handled by Robert Rosenberg. He was super efficient and communicated with us constantly throughout the process. We highly recommend him. and OHR Stock Denton, to anyone looking for a painless and stress-free experience. ” – Colin

“I called you with a difficult situation and within 30 minutes you had addressed the main issue and very clinically identified what needed to be done. Your attention to detail and your work approach are of such a high standard that i have no doubt whatsoever that any client you deal with will only have good things to say. You are a true ambassador to your firm and your profession, with the care you show and advice you give. I would like to thank you again for the wonderful job you did at such short notice and i have no hesitation in using your services again and recommending your firm.” – Meir

“I must thank you Ian, and Stephen, for your professionalism though the complex and protracted negotiations and for the support, understanding and patience you have shown me personally throughout.” – Malcolm

“Winston Kan & Michael Stock of OGR Stock Denton LLP have been a great support throughout the process and Winston has demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and genuine care throughout this difficult process. I highly recommend these lawyers, they are very attentive and honourable.” – Aziza

“I owe you a great debt of gratitude for the kind, helpful, empathic way you dealt with me and went about your business at a time in my life when I was suffering huge emotional pain. I did not really understand what was happening to me but you did, and your advice was invaluable”. – Stephen Wiser