Client Feedback Questionnaire

1. How did you hear about our firm?

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2. How did we do in delivering our service? (1 Poor - 5 Excellent)


3. Even if you thought our service was excellent, please tell us one thing we can improve on?

4. Did you find that our firm was good value for money?

5. Did we listen to you well enough and deliver what you set to achieve?

6. Is there any other legal advice or support that we could assist you with in the near future?

Family/Matrimonial adviceResidential property(Buying, selling or leasing your property)Commercial property(Buying, selling or leasing commercial property)Private Client(Making a will or Power of Attorney)Private Client(Probate/estate administration)Litigation(General litigation matters)Employment(Redundancy claims, unfair dismissal and other employment advice)

7. Are you happy for us to use your feedback as a testimonial of the service we provided you with?


8. Any other comments

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