Speeding solicitors in Finchley, North London

Speeding is the most common motoring offence and can lead to a wide range of penalties, depending upon the speed at you were travelling, the speed limit and how you respond to the charge.

If you are caught driving in excess of the speed limit, you may receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution through the post or verbally from a police officer.

If you were driving a small amount above the speed limit, this will often result in three penalty points and a fine, although a speed awareness course may be offered as an alternative to penalty points. You would not need to pay a fine, you would need to pay a similar price in course fees.

Higher speeds, usually at least 40 per cent above the speed limit limit, frequently attract a ban of from seven to 120 days.

Alternatively, six penalty points can be awarded, which can ultimately lead to disqualification as a result of totting up more than 12 points.

The maximum punishment for speeding on the motorway is £2,500 and six penalty points or disqualification, depending upon your weekly income.

If you were driving at speeds in excess of 140mph, you may be charged with dangerous driving.

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