Listed Buildings and Heritage Sites

If you have just purchased a residential premises or are planning to do so, you may need to be aware of the special designations that apply under the UK’s planning laws.

The number of listed buildings in the UK is rapidly approaching 400,000, while the number of local conservation areas is estimated to have exceeded 9,000 nationwide.

If a building has been officially listed,  designated as a national heritage site or is within a conservation area, it will mean that there are more stringent requirements that an owner will have to adhere to if they wish to make any alterations to the premises in question.

In these circumstances, if you want to build an extension, carry out renovations or make any changes to the appearance of the site then you need to ensure that you have secured all necessary permissions from the relevant planning authorities.

Failure to do so can result in a financial penalty being imposed, so it is very important that the legislation is respected at all times.

The exact requirements of securing approval vary depending on the designation, which is why it is important that you seek an expert opinion to clarify where you stand legally.

At OGR Stock Denton, our property solicitors have expert knowledge of the processes you need to follow and all the relevant checks that will have to be carried out. Our advice will give you peace of mind that you are following the correct procedure at all times.

If you require advice on the law relating to listed building, heritage sites or conservation areas, please visit our contact us page.