What Are The Major Reasons For Hiring Clinical Negligence Solicitors?

Hiring clinical negligence solicitors is always a wise decision when dealing with situations involving medical malpractice. Some people might approach any local solicitor, or try to handle things on their own. However, your claim stands a far better chance of success if you opt for professional advice from an experienced legal firm for so many reasons.

What Is Clinical Negligence?

Also referred to as medical negligence or clinical malpractice, clinical negligence occurs when a healthcare professional causes physical or mental disruption to a patient’s well-being due to the quality of care they provide.

Cases can be brought, in essence, if they meet three criteria, namely the obligation of the healthcare professional to provide care for the patient; the non-observance of that obligation; and the patient’s welfare being negatively affected by the experience.

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If the above three criteria are determined to have been present in a particular instance, then there is the option of filing a case for a clinical negligence compensation claim. Such cases can be made against single or multiple practitioners or institutions in the medical field, such as clinics and hospitals, whether private or public.

Why Hire Clinical Negligence Lawyers?

It is not a requirement in law to employ the services of a specialised clinical negligence solicitor when making your claim for medical malpractice. However, because the situation is so grave and the outcome so important, it’s best to ensure that your case in the right hands. OGR Stock Denton has a well-established track record of dealing with such matters.

Below are the main reasons why you should hire a competent clinical negligence solicitor to handle your case.

1. To Make The Most Of Your Time

Claims such as these can be complex and involved, and it is unwise to simply put your life on hold to work on your case yourself for hours on end. There is a good chance that other areas of your life will suffer, such as your job and relationships. Not only that, but handling an ordeal like this on your own can also induce a large degree of stress.

Practitioners from clinical negligence agencies have worked with the law for a long time and are well-versed in all of its ins and outs. Hiring them will save you time, and also help to bring the case to a conclusion faster. When you work with them, they are paid for the time they spend concentrating on your case, analysing all details and communicating with the other involved party.

2. To Understand The Legal System Better

It goes without saying that there are plenty of complexities within the legal system. Legalities are not always black and white, and there are many areas that lack clarity or specificity. These grey areas can easily lead to uncertainty and confusion, and possibly even lead to wrong decisions being made, if you do not have a legal background yourself.

The best clinical negligence lawyers that London can offer, on the other hand, will understand the nuances of the law and of your case, and will know how to frame the case and the evidence to improve your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve for the harm you have suffered.

3. To Be With A Trained Representative

As noted above, the legal framework is filled with various nuances that the layman is not privy to. For example, even presenting evidence in court is not as simple as it sounds. Law professionals are also well-versed in scrutinising and challenging the evidence that the opposing party presents.

A trained lawyer from OGR Stock Denton can guarantee the process will run more smoothly, making the right decisions and taking the right actions at the most appropriate times to give your case the best chance of success. A firm of lawyers’ training covers every aspect of representing you, from the preparation of your case up to actually defending it in a court of law.

4. To Get The Benefit Of Their Experience

Another important reason to hire the services of clinical negligence law firms in London for handling a medical malpractice claim is the degree of experience that they possess in these matters.

The best lawyers are knowledgeable about the information they need to build and defend a case successfully, and also have insight into what their opponents might bring forth to the court. You can rely on them and their extensive experience to strengthen your case.

5. To Eliminate Any Bias

As a human being, it is only natural that emotions will play a part in your behaviours, especially in a matter as emotive as a claim for medical negligence. This limitation can weaken your case as it clouds your assessment of the evidence and can negatively impact on how you act.

With the right lawyer on your side, you will have an expert going into the case with a clear and unbiased mind-set, and that can defend against you jeopardising your own claim. You will have peace of mind that your solicitor will handle the case objectively and with rational thinking.

6. To Have Someone With An Obligation To Your Case

The services of an OGR Stock Denton professional attorney come with certain obligations. Every part of the process, from collecting relevant data and supporting evidence to presenting and defending the facts in court, will benefit your claim. Your lawyer is obligated to keep abreast of all the latest applicable legislation and use it to your case’s advantage.

7. To Be Up For The Challenge

The medical professional or institution on the receiving end of your claim is sure to have their own legal representative. If you are not a lawyer, it can be highly detrimental to you to go head-to-head against a legal practitioner in the court of law.

However, with a professional lawyer of your own helping you, you will have a better chance of winning your case.

8. To Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Some people think that they can save money by defending themselves instead of getting the services of law firms. However, it is not that simple. Considering all the advantages mentioned, hiring a lawyer to manage your claim actually saves you more money in the long run.

While you do not have to pay yourself for handling your claim, the costs in terms of your time and the possibility of financial losses if you make errors as a result of your lack of training and experience and lose your case by far outweigh the cost of a legal professional to represent you.

Knowing why you should hire a professional for the job is only the first step of the whole process. If you would like to discuss your medical negligence claim with an expert and ensure you have the most appropriate legal representation in managing your case, contact us now!

Feel free to send us an email at info@ogrstockdenton.com or call us on 020 8349 0321. We will be more than happy to assist.

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What does a clinical negligence solicitor do?

Clinical negligence lawyers provide legal advice related to cases involving personal injury, accident, illness, or death arising from improper or inadequate medical treatment or diagnosis. As legal experts on medical malpractice, they help clients establish that negligence has indeed occurred with the use of hospital records and specialist opinions.

Afterwards, a clinical negligence solicitor assists clients in filing a negligence claim, helping them receive compensation where appropriate for the specialist rehabilitation and support services needed for their recovery.

What does clinical negligence mean?

Clinical negligence is a process in which a patient files a complaint and takes the medical professionals who have treated them to a civil court to claim legal compensation. This aspect of the law does not deal with professional conduct or terms of service.

What is classed as medical negligence in the UK?

Medical negligence is any form of care that has fallen below the standard expected of a medical practitioner to a patient, and has directly caused harm or injury, or exacerbated existing conditions.

There are various ways in which medical negligence can come about. It could be in the form of a misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, or surgical mistakes, among other scenarios. To help ensure that you are well-guided and informed in filing a medical negligence claim, it is best to consider hiring the best clinical negligence solicitors in London for the job.

How much compensation do you get for medical negligence in the UK?

Compensation for cases of medical negligence can range anywhere from £1,000 to £200,000; possibly even more depending on the case’s severity. To calculate the appropriate amount, many top clinical negligence law firms use a compensation calculator to work out an estimate of the amount of compensation to be claimed.

Can you sue the NHS for medical negligence?

Yes. Medical negligence can happen anywhere, including the NHS. This could take place while you’re being treated for a specific illness, receiving a diagnosis, being involved in an accident, undergoing surgery, as part of a regular check-up, or in the form of a medication error. To fully understand the scope of this legal area, it is worth discussing your case with clinical negligence solicitors in London.

How do you prove clinical negligence?

There are two things that must be proved to make a successful claim for medical negligence: (1) that the quality of care you received was below that of a reasonably competent healthcare specialist in the field of medicine in question (negligence); and, (2) that you have suffered loss or damage as a result of that negligence.

How long does an NHS negligence claim take?

The entire process leading up to a trial for medical negligence cases can take anywhere between eighteen months and three years, sometimes more. This is because the duration of the claim depends on factors such as the defendants’ attitude to causation and liability, the injury sustained, and the complaint’s complexity.

What kind of attorney do I need to sue a hospital?

You will need the help of a specialised attorney for hospital misconduct cases. They will be the one to file the medical malpractice lawsuit. They will explain to you exactly what the process entails and the information they need to make a case. Without their legal guidance, it can be challenging to know what information is relevant.

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How To Make A Complaint For Medical Negligence

Many people receive quality care from the National Health Services without any issues. While there can be instances where the given care fails to achieve the best results, this does not necessarily mean that you received below-standard treatment. It’s possible that the care was just not effective for your specific condition.


Nonetheless, if you believe that the care you have received was below the expected standard, then you can consider making a legal complaint or claim for proper compensation with the help of medical malpractice legal practitioners.

In order to win this legal case and receive compensation, you must be able to prove that the care you’ve received was below the baseline standards of the medical industry. You must also demonstrate that this substandard treatment is the direct cause of considerable amounts of harm. Working with a top clinical negligence firm can help you do this.

What You Need To Know About Clinical Negligence

When you receive medical care from a health practitioner or facility, and this results in an injury, illness, or disease that has caused suffering to you, then you may be entitled to compensation for clinical negligence.

While numbers of cases are rare and can vary massively from individual to individual, the process of filing a claim for clinical negligence can be tricky, especially without the help of medical malpractice attorneys.

Most people have little to no knowledge about the law surrounding medical negligence, and it can be difficult to know where to start. That is why it’s important to consider talking to a legal expert on medical misconduct to seek the right advice and understand whether or not you do, in fact, have a valid claim.

Their role is to provide you with legal advice on how best to proceed and what decisions you need to make.

Different Types Of Clinical Negligence

A facility or a medical practitioner can only be liable for clinical negligence or malpractice if there is resulting injury or harm from the treatment received. It is important to note that this does not mean that dissatisfaction with the treatment’s outcome is equivalent to malpractice.

It must be noted that treatments can have different responses to certain individuals. It’s also possible that the treatment or care you receive meets the standards of the medical industry, but is just not effective for you in particular.

To further determine the types of cases in which it is possible to file a lawsuit for an error or medical negligence, here are several examples of cases that have been brought:

  • surgeons have operated on the wrong part of the body
  • the patient has persistent, unexpected pain after an operation
  • the patient has acquired potentially fatal infections in the hospital
  • outbreaks of bedsores or pressure ulcers
  • the medical professional has failed to carry out the necessary tests or to take appropriate action
  • treatment given has not been followed up on
  • the patient was prescribed an incorrect medication or dosage
  • the medical professional has misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose a condition
  • surgery has been carried out unnecessarily or incorrectly
  • the patient was prematurely discharged from hospital
  • foreign objects have been left inside the patient’s body after surgery

If you want the best chances of winning your malpractice claim and receiving the compensation you deserve, you should seek out the best clinical negligence law firms in London. For further information please email us or call our helpdesk on 020 8349 0321.