Explaining the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The Government is taking unprecedented steps to help businesses with their finances during these challenging times and has delivered an economic stimulus package worth hundreds of billions of pounds.

One of the most significant measures introduced is the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which promises to support employees who are furloughed by paying a proportion of their wages – freeing up money for businesses to help them with their cash flow.

There remains a lot of confusion and uncertainty around this scheme and so to help you get to grips with this landmark policy, we have decided to answer some of the key queries we have received.

Practicality and Benefits of Mediation during COVID-19

See our webinar recording from earlier this week, where our family consultant, Peter Martin talks the benefits of using mediation and how this would work with the current government lockdown measures.

To arrange a no-obligation initial chat, free of charge, to discuss your case please contact us.

Top tips for Commercial Tenants during COVID-19

Our commercial property partner, Robert Rosenberg gives his top tips for Commercial Tenants.

Pensions and financial planning on divorce – the impact of COVID-19

See our webinar recording where our experts consider the impact of the COVID-19 disruption on divorce settlements already reached, those that are being negotiated now, and what to look for in the new landscape when society returns to a new “normal”.
Guest speaker Mark Penston Bsc AFPS, Chartered Financial Planner with Bluesky and accredited specialist Resolution member sets out tips and potential pitfalls for pensions and financial planning at a time when trusted advice has never been needed more.

Importance of getting specialist legal and tax advice for wills and probate

The current coronavirus outbreak is an obvious concern for many, and the unfortunate reality of the situation is many of those people who will die as a result of the virus will not have made a Will.
Watch the recording of our webinar where our experts discuss the benefits of getting proper legal advice and share experiences where they have helped clients structure their wills to save tax and protect their wealth. 

Contentious issues in Wills and Probate during COVID-19

Recording of our webinar on the contentious issues in wills and probate during COVID-19.

Areas of discussion include: – Execution of a will during COVID-19 – Mental capacity in wills including the impact of grief – Inheritance act claims – Advantageous tax strategies

Legal issues for businesses during COVID19

Recording from our webinar last week, where our panel of experts discuss the various issues for businesses during COVID19.

Impact of Covid19 on Cohabitation Cases involving Schedule 1

The lockdown is proving to be a pivotal time for all families, regardless of formal status. Join our live interactive discussion on the impact of lockdown on unmarried parents with children, and as the restrictions begin to ease, how cohabitant claims for financial provision for children may arise now and in the longer term.
This video offers pragmatic and effective solutions to the challenges that lie ahead for those practising in this complex area of family law, with a particular focus on medium as well as high net worth cases. 

Reducing conflict over child arrangements

Our Head of Family, Graeme Fraser gives his tips on how parents can reduce conflict over child arrangements during lockdown.

Property Rights for Unmarried Couples (TOLATA)

Our Head of Family, Graeme Fraser explains what TOLATA is all about and what property rights unmarried couples (cohabitees!) have

Legal Issues for Businesses during COVID-19

Recording from our live webinar earlier, where our panel of experts discuss the various issues for businesses and take questions from attendees.

Personal Injury Claims during COVID-19

Our partner in Personal Injury, Stephen Silverman gives his insights on personal injury during lockdown and what precautions people should be taking.

Latest update for Commercial Tenants (COVID-19)

Our commercial property partner, Robert Rosenberg gives us the latest Commercial Property update – 24th April 2020

Enforceability of Commercial Contracts (COVID-19)

Many businesses today are struggling to cope with the pressures of the COVID-19 outbreak. As well as causing unprecedented health difficulties it is also giving rise to huge economic problems around the world.

These will in turn give rise to many legal disputes. Partner, Ian Pearl discusses whether a party is able to cancel the contract and whether damages would be available as a result.

I’ve been offered a Settlement Agreement, what should I do?

At OGR Stock Denton we have built an excellent reputation as a firm you can rely on. Those we represent tell us our advice provides much-needed support and that our lawyers inspire total confidence.

Michael Stock Appears on BBC Breakfast

Our Real Estate Partner, Michael Stock, appears on a BBC Breakfast news story on Rom Skatepark in Essex being listed by the English Heritage.

LexisNexis Family Law Insights Interview with Graeme Fraser

OGR Stock Denton, Partner, Graeme Fraser features in a Lexis Nexis Family Law video interview with Rebecca Bailey-Harris. Hear what our #familylaw expert has to say about the latest installment in the Family Law Insights series.

Should I consider a pre-nuptial agreement?

The financial consequences of separation or divorce can be not only stressful but hugely expensive. At OGR Stock Denton, we can work with you to negotiate and draft an agreement, taking a sensitive approach to any matters that may arise.

Do you need expert advice on how to secure deputyship in court

If you lose the capacity to manage your own finances and make decisions about your welfare the situation can create significant difficulties for those closest to you.

Have you considered a separation agreement?

The breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most difficult and traumatic events and carries with it financial and emotional upheaval.

Lasting Power of Attorney

If you lose the capacity to manage your own finances and make decisions about your welfare the situation can create significant difficulties for those closest to you.

This is why many people are increasingly looking to make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). This is an agreement that will enable you to give someone you trust the authority to make decisions on your behalf.

So, you want a Divorce?

The outcome of your divorce or separation could have far-reaching effects on your future financial security and the welfare and future of your children. It makes sense to obtain the best help that you can by choosing an OGR Stock Denton Lawyer.

Have you considered a cohabitation agreement?

In today’s world, more and more people live together outside of marriage but few understand the legalities involved in such a relationship.