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Project Description

Partner | Head of Dispute Resolution

Stephen Silverman

Partner | Head of Dispute Resolution
T: (0)20 8349 5470

As a litigation solicitor with over 30 years of experience I help people sleep easier by taking the stress out of their disputes.

Typically, I advise clients across a diverse range of sectors and industries and strive to obtain the right solution best suited to their individual needs.

Over the years, I have built up a particularly strong practice specialising in civil and personal injury litigation and have extensive experience acting for accident victims of all types, including those injured in the Paddington and Potters Bar rail crashes.

My practice covers commercial disputes of all kinds including those relating to partnerships, companies, property, contested probate, employer’s and public liability, and the sale and supply of goods. I also act for clients who have suffered loss as a result of clinical negligence and professional negligence.

Clear Advice

I regularly act in claims against large corporations, financial institutions and public bodies for clients who were initially daunted about seeking redress from powerful defendants but whom, with my guidance and expertise, achieved results they had not thought possible.

When dealing with personal injury cases I work passionately to recover the damages that clients deserve. I appreciate the trauma experienced by accident victims and the distress their injuries often cause them. I do my best to achieve early interim payments from insurers to pay for rehabilitation treatment so that my clients can get back on their feet as soon as possible and continue with their busy lives.

I pride myself on giving clear advice and being easily contactable so clients can discuss any concerns they have as and when they arise. To ensure clients receive legal support when most in need I am happy to arrange meetings early or late in the day to accommodate work commitments and home visits, if needed.

Extra Information

I studied in Bristol before coming to London in 1981. I joined OGR Stock Denton in 1986, becoming a Partner shortly thereafter.

  • Acted for an employee of a well-known bank who suffered RSI as a result of a poor work station and excessive use of a computer without adequate breaks. Recovered substantial damages including loss of earnings.
  • Acted against an NHS trust in relation to a claim for clinical negligence arising from the incorrect administration of an injection.
  • Represented a client in a council dispute relating to a loss of property.
  • Acted for a retailer in a copyright claim brought by a designer, involving international jurisdictions.
  • Acted for a client who suffered a work related upper limb disorder ("RSI") as a result of having to use her wrists repetitively whilst packing boxes on an assembly line and having to lift the boxes above head height. My client recovered substantial damages against her employers, who were in breach of statutory duty and negligent for having failed to properly risk assess the work my client was required to undertake and take action when she complained of pain.
  • Acted for a client who was the victim of negligent treatment whilst in hospital when a procedure was incorrectly performed. This left her severely disabled and, despite breach of duty of care being denied on the part of the NHS Trust, I was able to achieve a settlement by producing expert evidence to establish that the procedure had not been performed correctly and directly resulted in the injury my client suffered.
  • Acted for a victim of the Potters Bar rail crash who was in a carriage that caught fire and thought he was going to die. The client suffered physical injuries as well as psychological trauma. The client had to be dealt with particularly sensitively in view of the horrific circumstances of the accident. I was able to obtain an early interim payment to cover the cost of much needed counselling treatment to help my client to cope with everyday life.
  • Acted for a company who had a major dispute with one of their shareholders which threatened the viability of the company. I was able to achieve a settlement which included the return of the shares to the company and allowed it to continue to operate successfully.
  • Acted for a client whose former solicitors were negligent, when acting for her in the purchase of a residential property, in failing to advise her that there had been no building regulation consent obtained when an extension had been added. The extension turned out to have been built defectively and had to be pulled down and rebuilt. There was a valuation dispute and this resulted in a trial at which experts were called to deal with the value of the loss suffered by my client. The client successfully established that the loss exceeded the defendant's valuation.
  • Acted for a client in a contested probate action when a dispute arose as to her late husband's estate as his will was deemed to have been revoked on his marriage to her which meant that he was treated as having died intestate. A claim against the estate was made by another member of the family. A Without Prejudice meeting was arranged which resulted in a negotiated settlement and a substantial saving of legal costs and preservation of estate assets.
  • Law Society Personal Injury Panel
  • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
  • BNI (Business Network International)
  • The Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists

I regularly lecture on the law relating to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and have previously addressed the RSI conference and Dutch RSI association.

I am married with two children.  Outside of work I enjoy going to the theatre, reading and watching my son play football. I am also involved in helping to run community activities.


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Client Testimonials

I would like to thank you for the effort you made on my behalf in reaching this settlement. You acted both professionally and in a friendly manner throughout. I am full of admiration as to how you tackled my case from beginning to end and of course I was delighted with the final outcome.

I would like to thank Stephen for his very professional outlook and advice on the successful course of action to take.

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