Commercial and Residential Property

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in emergency legislation which has had a drastic effect on landlords and the management of their property portfolios.

From legislative change restricting evictions in the residential through to financial support for individuals and companies – landlords are managing their properties during a time of high uncertainty which is likely to continue for months to come.

Our legal experts are able to provide advice and support to:

Commercial Landlordsassistance with the renegotiation of leases, surrenders and re-purposing leases from commercial to residential use.

Residential landlords – advice on rent arrears and help with restructuring your property portfolio (FAQ’s for residential landlords)

Property developersadvice on planning , property acquisitions and property company structures

Property Disputesit is highly likely that we will see an increase in landlord/tenant disputes as a consequence of the economic downturn caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. Our dispute team will work with you to find a speedy and cost-effective resolution.