Leading lights of the local business community invited to OGR Stock Denton’s offices

Members of the BNI were invited to a drinks reception and networking event at OGR Stock Denton’s new offices last week.

A speech was given by Associate Leidy Gomez, who is set to become the president of her chapter in Knightsbridge from next month.

The BNI is a professional networking organisation which now has more than 200,000 members worldwide and several thousand in London alone.

OGR Stock Denton encourages learning difficulty work placements

OGR Stock Denton is encouraging businesses to offer work placements to people with learning disabilities following the success of a scheme at the firm.

We would encourage employers to look at offering such placements after taking on two people with learning disabilities through Langdon Community a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities to live independent lives and supports them into long term employment opportunities.

The firm has also taken on another person with learning difficulties through the Kisharon charity organisation.

Richard Denton, Managing Partner at OGR Stock Denton LLP, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Marcus, Yosef and Shya to the team. Staff have embraced having the additional support available and having them on board has been beneficial to the firm as a whole. We hope that this equips them with the necessary skills that will help them build their careers in the workplace.

“I’d strongly encourage any employer to look into offering work placements to people with learning disabilities. Our experience with Langdon and Kisharon has been excellent.”

David Peters, Employer Engagement Consultant at Langdon, added: “OGR Stock Denton has fully embraced diversity within its workforce and have been incredibly supportive of our Langdon People and have made great efforts to find unique solutions to challenging situations to bring the best out of them.

“Langdon continue to work closely with OGR Stock Denton to help the firm select the right individuals to meet its needs. With its continued commitment to recruiting people with learning disabilities, OGR Stock Denton have showed great commitment and dedication in being an inclusive and diverse employer.”

Mayor plans European tour to fly the flag for London’s businesses

The Mayor of London has announced that he will be setting out on a tour of major European cities this spring, trying to press home his message that the capital is “open for business.”

Sadiq Khan intends to visit Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Madrid and Warsaw in the space of just six days, as part of efforts to strengthen ties with the continent.

The tour is expected to take place at some point next month, shortly after the Government triggers Article 50 and begins formal negotiations to leave the European Union.

“I want to take the message directly to Europe that London will always remain open to engaging, trading and doing business with our friends across Europe,” said Mr Khan.

“Our connections on the continent are more important than ever before and, regardless of Brexit, we will continue to work closely together for our mutual benefit.

“I promised to be the most pro-business mayor this city has ever seen and it is vital that we demonstrate to our partners overseas that despite Brexit we remain open to business, investment, talent and ideas.”

The Mayor, who took over from Boris Johnson last May, confirmed his plans while addressing delegates at the International Business Programme.

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Concern some executors are caught unawares

The importance of asking people if they are willing to serve as the executor of an estate has been laid bare by new statistics.

A recent survey suggested that a fifth of those appointed as an executor only found out after their friend or relative had died.

A similar proportion were made aware before the individual passed away, but after the Will had already been drafted – making it difficult for them to refuse to carry out the duties.

Executors have a number of responsibilities following a person’s death. They can choose to renounce the role, but only once the person who appointed them has died and prior to starting the job.

The survey of 2,000 people suggested that more than a quarter of those appointed found the duties stressful and one in five admitted it was upsetting. Around 12 per cent of those made executors sought professional advice after conceding they didn’t understand what was required.

If you need further guidance on drafting a Will or handling your responsibilities as an executor please contact Private Client Partner Geoff Dennis or visit our website.

NHS under fire over latest “Never Event” statistics

Hundreds of blunders deemed so serious they should “never happen” have taken place in NHS facilities in the space of just nine months.

Official figures reveal that 314 “Never Events” had been reported in the health service in the period between April 16th and the end of December last year.

Some of the most troubling incidents included surgical implements being left inside patients following an operation or a procedure being carried out on the wrong part of the body.

Shocking cases of mistaken identity saw a number of individuals undergo completely unnecessary procedures such as lumbar punctures, laser eye surgery and the insertion of a heart monitor.

There were also 75 recorded cases of foreign objects, including cotton buds, throat swabs and part of a drill, being left inside patients.

Overdoses of medication and an incident in which a patient was given the wrong type of blood during a transfusion were also flagged up.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients’ Association, said: “We are concerned by recent data published by NHS Improvement. Never Events are precisely that, events that should never, ever happen.

“The fact that they are occurring should ring alarm bells in trusts, with Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS England and the Department of Health.

“There are no excuses for failing to follow medical protocols as it could be the difference between life and death.”

Dr Mike Durkin, the NHS national director of patient safety, said it was essential for trusts to be honest when such grave errors were made.

“All patients deserve high quality, safe care,” he said. “We expect organisations to investigate and learn from mistakes, and the fact that more and more NHS staff take the time to report incidents is good evidence that this learning is happening locally.”

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Development promises new office space in the City

A towering new building is set to be erected on the London skyline after planning chiefs gave the proposal approval last month.

The City of London’s planning and transport committee agreed to grant permission for 1 Leadenhall, a 36 storey structure which will become the latest high-rise in London’s financial district.

Brookfield Property Partners, the developer which has commissioned the building, has said it will comprise of 538,000 sq ft of offices and 51,000 sq ft of retail space.

Martin Jepson, Brookfield’s president and chief operating officer, said the firm was delighted to receive planning permission for the project.

The tower will stand at 182.7 metres tall and will be among the city’s tallest buildings, very similar in stature to The Gherkin but considerably shorter than The Shard.

The proposals had attracted some criticism from conservation groups, who feared 1 Leadenhall would overshadow a nearby historic marketplace, but Mr Jepson insisted that the plans had been carefully drafted so as to be sympathetic to the local area.

The development was given the green light shortly before news emerged that the number of construction projects in Central London has climbed to the highest level since the financial crash.

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Ex-employee wins his case against plumbing firm

Another worker has won their case in the latest legal battle to arise as a result of somebody’s employment status.

Gary Smith had wanted to cut the number of days he worked a week from five to three after suffering a heart attack in 2010.

But the firm he worked for, Pimlico Plumbers, had refused his request and taken away his branded van. Mr Smith claims he subsequently lost his job.

While Mr Smith had been paying tax on a self-employed basis he had worked for nobody else for some six years.

The case revolved around whether the tradesman should be considered a self-employed contractor or a Pimlico worker; if the latter he would have far greater employment rights.

The Court of Appeal upheld a previous decision by an Employment Tribunal that the plumber should have been considered a company employee.

His legal team this month hailed the result as “a resounding victory.”

Charlie Mullins, the founder of the London-based plumbing outfit, said that while members of the workforce had been hired on a self-employed basis and were required to provide their own materials, the arrangement meant they were paid far more as a result.

Following the ruling, the businessman said he had already updated his contracts to take account of the decision, although he has indicated that an appeal to the Supreme Court isn’t out of the question.

“Like our plumbing, now our contracts are watertight,” he said.

While the case is of interest because of the increased scrutiny of the so-called “gig economy” – through which growing numbers of workers effectively operate as freelancers – a Court of Appeal Judge warned against drawing “very general conclusions” from the latest ruling.

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Hopes that ruling may lead to a better deal for cohabitees

The family law association Resolution has expressed hopes that a woman’s victory at the Supreme Court may open the door for a general improvement in the rights available to cohabitees.

Denise Brewster had fought a protracted legal battle to get access to a survivor’s pension, following the death of her long-time partner Lenny McMullan.

The couple had lived together for over ten years and shared a house together in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

On Christmas Eve 2009 the pair had got engaged, but Mr McMullan had died unexpectedly just a few days later.

Ms Brewster, aged 42, was subsequently informed that she was not entitled to money from the occupational pension scheme that her late partner had set up with the public transport firm Translink.

Following a number of previous hearings, the matter had been passed to the Supreme Court to make a definitive ruling and this month the Judges made a unanimous judgment in her favour.

Ms Brewster, who maintained throughout proceedings that she had been a victim of “serious discrimination”, welcomed the outcome.

“When I first started this action it was just about myself and Lenny. His death was tragic… the circumstances were tragic,” she said.

“As time went on, however, I realised that this didn’t only affect us; it affected thousands of other families.

“It’s only been a short time since the Supreme Court ruling and I still can’t really believe that I’ve won.”

Graeme Fraser, the chairman of Resolution’s cohabitation committee, said: “It is hoped that this decision will pave the way for further recognition of their family rights and needs not only by the courts but by Parliament.

“As the fastest growing family type in the UK, it’s crucial that these 3.3million cohabiting couples, alongside any children they may have, are provided considerably greater legal protection. Otherwise, as things stand, they are left vulnerable on the death of their partner or on relationship breakdown – hopefully today’s verdict paves the way for this to change.”

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OGR Stock Denton expands through merger with West End firm

OGR Stock Denton LLP is pleased to confirm its merger with West End firm, Blandfords Law LLP.

The deal will see Blandfords solicitors, Clive Waller and Juliet Waller, and their clients join forces with our Finchley firm.

OGR Stock Denton LLP now has offices in Marylebone, West London, which will be open by appointment. The merger will also strengthen our property and private client expertise.

Clive, who established Blandfords alongside Juliet almost 25 years ago, said the pair were “delighted” by the merger.

“The move will allow our clients to benefit from all the other legal services provided by OGR Stock Denton LLP which we could not previously offer,” he said.

OGR’s Managing Partner Richard Denton added: “We are pleased to welcome Clive, Juliet and their clients to OGR Stock Denton LLP as part of this merger, which will help cement our position as one of the leading law firms in the North London area.

“Following our recent move to more modern open-plan offices, this merger further signals our ambitious expansion plans, which will enable us to offer our services to an increasing number of clients.”

You can find out more about our full range of legal services on our website.

Lawyer from leading Finchley-based law firm presents at Women in Business Network event

A lawyer from leading Finchley-based law firm, OGR Stock Denton LLP, has presented at a Women in Business Network (WIBN) event, with an update on the firm’s Company and Commercial services.

Isabelle Fatton, an Associate at the firm, presented at a meeting of the Liverpool Street chapter of WIBN, an organisation which was set up to enable women to gain new business opportunities through word of mouth contacts.

Isabelle said: “I was delighted to be able to present at WIBN to be able to tell other members about our Company Commercial work at OGR Stock Denton LLP.

“The meeting was well-attended and those present clearly found our discussion interesting.”

The Company Commercial team at OGR Stock Denton LLP has a wealth of experience offering advice to businesses of various sizes across a range of sectors. The team has an excellent understanding of matters which involve multiple jurisdictions.